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Women Special

Your premise is that everyone can do more than they think. You say that in business this is especially true for women. How come?


The businessworld has traditionally been the domain of the man, a real male bastion. It strikes me that women are less likely to find their place in it, as evidenced by the low number of women in the top. This year even lower than last year!


Can you give an example?

What women are naturally accustomed to, is waiting to be asked, such as on the dance floor or at a marriage proposal.

In business other rules apply: girls that do not ask, will be passed. You have to compete for your place in the ranking like men are used to do amongst themselves all the time. 

Men bluff easily, while women present themselves less than they are. Women doubt more often and suffer more from uncertainty.

This quickly leads to a backlog in the playfield.





Nothing will work unless

you do.

A Women Special makes you aware of

your Feminine power

Can you name a specifically feminine quality?

The often take their natural 24-hour devotion, focused on the other person and the bigger picture with them at work. They have a strong focus on results and less on profiling.

II also admire their strong intuitive abilities, and often they bring some warm atmosphere.

Obviously I am in favor of diverse teams. This balance works much better both in teamwork as well as in results.


  • You are aware of your feminine power

  • You feel physically energized

  • You are more emotionally balanced

  • You can act assertively in a man's world

  • You have new negotiation skills

  • You have a great private - work balance

  • You have more confidence 

  • You're full of new inspiration

Are there any other differences?

Physically women are  more vulnerable. The menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding and caring for children and / or parents. And last but not least the menopause.


What do you mean exactly?

It turns out that half of the women in the prime of their careers are malfunctioning because of menopause. 


Fortunately, there are very good solutions for these complaints.

It is a pity that there is little known and available or accepted about this in Holland.

I like to advise about this.

I wish for all women to be happy and energetic as long as they live! 

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