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Professional Intuition

I know you organize Workshops Professional Intuition and also use this in your Coaching.  What does Professional Intuition mean?


Intuition is all information that comes to you beyond your ordinary senses.

There is clairvoyance - I knew it at once , clairvoyance - I saw it before my eyes, clairaudience - I heard a voice that said, clairsentience - I had a premonition. There are still more.

These are all signals that pass on important information for  you.

Has anyone Intuition?

Yes, both men and women, but intuition is more appreciated in some cultures than in others. In the West for example, we are supposed to substantiate everything rationally, this way our Intuition has become underdeveloped.





The only real valuable
thing is intuition

Albert Einstein

Professionele Intuitie,

je unieke kernkwaliteit, je onmisbare succesfactor

Can you give an example ? 

When I ask top managers if they ever use their Intuition, 75 % raise their hand. If I then ask, " do you know how Intuition works ?"

it becomes silent and they watch around looking at each other for an answer.

On my proposal to teach them how it works, they always respond with great enthusiasm!

My wish is that we cab develop a culture in organizations, in which you are free to share Intuitive experiences with each other , so that everyone can benefit and develop their Professional Intuition.

Can you develop your intuition ?

Absolutely, that's why I 've developed the concept Professional Intuition 20 years ago.


It is very valuable to use your Intuition in provate as well as in a business setting. 

Where I can support you with Coaching is to teach you to perceive through which senses and how intuitive information gets to you. Then you will start to recognize it. In combination with the right techniques and skills you will develop the ability to trust your intuition. 


Besides that it is a very good feeling to be able to trust your intuition, you will be able to use it as your personal compass, to keep track.

  • More confidence, Energy & Inspiration

  • You follow your inner voice , know who you are and what you want

  • You take decisions faster with fewer mistakes

  • You are less sensitive for judgements of others

  • You are more original, creative and innovative

  • Personal leadership with a clear personal compass

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