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Personal Development

The Coaching & Workshops you organize, offer unexpected and creative opportunities for Personal Development.  
What does Personal Development mean to you? 
To me, Personal Development and sharing this with others, is one of the main goals in life. Besides the experience of love and happiness, of course. 
And it remains interesting because you get new insights every day!

How do you help others discover their own strength and use it to their advantage?

It is important to start with a clear analysis and to agree about the issues to work on. Who are you, what do you really want and need, what are your talents and does your behavior match your heart desires?


I try to articulate the real issue, to clarify what isn't clear  yet. Once it resonates, I know I can develop the right treatment.


From there on we work towards tangible results. 






Invest in yourself
and you always win!

Start an adventure,
success guaranteed 

Create Personal Leadership !

Together we discover what he really needs and how he can achieve this. 

This way I support my client to develop and reach his personal and professional goals with the latest techniques combined with my conepts of  EnergyManagement, Professional Intuition and DISC Q4.

  • Self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-acceptance

  • Your goals and requirements are clear

  • You make conscious use of your talents 

  • Obstacles are cleared

  • You experience Personal Growth, Energy & Inspiration

Most of your clients come from organizations. With what kind of questions they can contact you?

Because I have both a business and a psychotherapeutic background they can come with any kind of questions to me. People usually come because they need a professional sounding board.


Either personally or in business things do not develop well and they have a hard time finding out why.
Or they do not know how to change things for the better. 

People are not happy in their work , because of conlicts or because they don't feel good in their current job.  

On the other hand there are paople who like to get promoted or wish to prepare themselves for their new position. They also often want to learn how to better cope with their manager, colleagues or employees. 


All of them want change and new choices, more energy and more focus! 

ntoinette van Alphen Coaching Wassenaar
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