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Coaching Wassenaar Antoinette van Alphen
Coaching Wassenaar Antoinette van Alphen
Meet Antoinette

Antoinette organizes over 30 years of international Outdoor Management Training in her organization MTC Outdoor Europe. These trainings always take place on her estate Ardennen Landgoed Le Herou.


In addition, she also provides Workshops & Coaching.

She combines her background as a psychotherapist with her knowledge and experience of business.

She combines entrepreneurial success and proven skills to personal development.


The combination of experience, knowledge and compassion create her unique intuitive and bold approach.

Her ambition is to help others create happier and more successful lives by using her achievements for them.


When you meet Antoinette she is above all an enthusiastic, all-round, committed and warm personality.






Great to know who you are and what you want with your life!

Results of Coaching

You transform insecurity into confidence,

self-criticism in self-acceptance, doubt in vigor. 
You know who you are and what you want with your life.


People spend a lot of time and money on their outside appearance but the best investment is actually your inside.

Coaching is like a makeover, you become a different person with a lot more confidence. 
Knowing who you are and what you want is what makes you happy and successful.

Coaching is the best makeover!

The best is yet to come!

I say this being 57...

Antoinette, your wise lessons come into my mind regularly. Balance between work and private life.

No distincion anymore between who i am in my job and private life.

I dare and am able to be myself and feel great.  

I am even being asked for new positions again!

Manager PostNL 

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