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Holistic Style

Antoinette, your Holistic approach is unique and proven effective.
What makes your approach so valuable?


Maybe my allround training & experience? Besides my study clinical psychology, psychophysiology and most psychotherapeutic styles, I also studied alternatives like hypnotherapy and NLP.

My dearest wish : to travel and live around the world for 10 years, has taught me a lot  about other cultures. 


I also follwed training in Healing & Reading. 

Since 16 years of age I study Nutrition & Health daily, as the effect on our wellbeing fascinates me.


Being a Trainer & Teamcoach in international business and also a successfull entrepreneur myself completes he picture.





The only way to get to know your limits is to reach beyond them 

What are your main principles?


Respect and equality.

People are very dear to me.


For me it is very important to look at a human being as a whole, and more to the inside than the outside.

Antoinette van Alphen Coaching Wassenaar Holistische stijl
What is an intuitive approach?

By using my Professional Intuition, I can rely on my perception. 

This makes my approach powerful.

I get fast and accurately to the root of the problem to realise satisfying and lasting results.

What exactly is your method to reach goals? 

Together we observehow we can boost your Personal Development.

I analyze all dimensions, both the physical aspect, as the emotional, the mental and the spiritual aspect.

Are there limiting beliefs, emotional blockages, physical hindrances, or is someone not enough in connection with the meaning of life. The key is awareness and to act from there.

Every person has its own path, natural process and timeline, which I follow as much as possible. Also 'resistance' is something I deal with it with respect.


Sincerity is essential to create a safe environment in which a person can reach his or her optimal Personal Development.

This way a realistic insight grows into their own personality, with all its talents and limitations.
Het tevreden gevoel dat je echt uit jezelf haalt wat erin zit.
That you shape your life the way you really want to.
Physical Emotional Mental Spiritual
A harmonious whole that reinforces each other  

Antoinette van Alphen Coaching Wassenaar
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