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Healing & Reading

Nowadays Healing & Reading become more accepted.

What is Healing exactly  and what can it accomplish?

Healing can be viewed as kind of intense 

EnergyManagement, on a deeper level. A treatment where you are passive instead of active, but you need to be open minded for it to work. 

It may reach dimensions that you are not aware of and solves issues that are working on a subconscious level.

Healing supports and accelerates your personal development about the issues you're working on. It promotes your energy flow, it releases tensions and removes blockages.

Healing adds new and clear energy to your system so you experience a new balance and clarity in your life.

Special information about you becomes available to you, that could be out of reach so far.

A special experience!





When your heart speaks,

take good notes

Antoinette van Alphen Coaching Healing & Reading

What is Reading exactly  and what can it do for you?

Reading can be viewed as kind 

of  Professional Intuition on a higher level in an other 

I download information for you, focused on what is currently relevant for you to solve your problems and support your development. 


To perceive this information and and pass it on to you, you receive insights in yourself to build upon. 

Healing with Reading rebalances your Energy system

You learn more about yourself
in a very special way!

Do you give separate Healing & Reading


I always combine Healing & Reading with Coaching, so you can ask questions and reach a higher level of understanding  tha contributes to a clearer consciousness.

This way you get the most out of your sessions.

  • ​Unconscious patterns can become conscious 

  • Deeper obstacles can be solved 

  • More connection with your inner self and that of others

  • More Intuition, Energy & Inspiration

  • Inner peace and more confindence in your own path

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