& Burn out

Nowadays even 20 -ers are already heading for a burnout. What is a burnout anyway?


A burnout is a situation where you feel really burned out, no energy left, like a flat tyre. You don't take in energy there is no flow, it feels like you are in a standstill it is a very unpleasant situation.

How do you get a burnout? 


The body as well as the mind issue all kinds of signals or alarm bells. If you do not notice them, or even deny or ignore them, and for a extended period of time ignore your boundaries, your energysystem will end up depleted.

It could be that you have been doing things you donot really wish to do or that you have not taken enough rest or relaxation to recover. 





Energy is always there in abundance, learn to manage it!

Is it possible to prevent a burnout?

Certainly, that's the reason that I have developed my concept EnergyManagement 20 years ago. It is very important to analyze where you loose energy and where you get energy. How to take in new energy and how to prevent lossing it. 

This applies to all levels: physical emotional, mental and spiritual.


The core of Energy Management is awareness. Only when you are aware of the underlying thought patterns and unconscious behaviors, they are changeable.  


What many people do not realize is that there is an infinite amount of energy, you just have to know how to make it yours.

And this is where my Coaching can support you! 

Everyone can be energetic and inspired with the right EnergyManagement

Could you give me an example of EnergyManagement in daily life?


A client tells me that he visits his mother every week and always returns home exhausted. He feels that she literally drains him until he feels empty.


After I have taught him how to protect himself from this draining he leaves the home of his mother feeling happy!

  • You know who and what takes/gives you energy

  • New techniques to manage your energy

  • Great work - life balance

  • More time and space to really enjoy your life

  • More confidence, Energy & Inspiration

  • You made a start with Professional Intuition

  • You realize Inner peace